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Following the progress of World War II with the weekly editions of World News Today and the legends of CBS News.

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CBS World News Tonight Vol. 01

CBS World News Tonight Vol. 02

CBS World News Tonight Vol. 03

CBS World News Tonight Vol. 04

CBS World News Tonight Vols. 1-4

CBS World News Today Vol. 01

11/01/42 Special Broadcast By Eleanor Roosevelt
11/08/42 American Invasion Forces Make Landing At Oran
11/15/42 Algiers Is A Beautiful City
11/29/42 Russians Look To More Than Lifting Siege
12/06/42 A Year Ago Today
12/20/42 News From The Battlefields Is Good
12/27/42 Last Sunday Of 1942
01/03/43 In These First Days Of 1943
01/10/43 On All The Far Flung Battlefronts
01/17/43 Heavy Allied Air Activity
01/24/43 Allied Armies In Russia Prepare For Second Round
02/14/43 On Two Widely Separated Fronts
02/21/43 Loss Of Americas Biggest Submarine
02/28/43 Allied Forces Repulse Axis In Tunisia
03/07/43 British Beat Off Two Axis Assaults
03/14/43 Battle Of Karkov Nearing Climax
03/21/43 American Troops Occupy Town Of Sened
03/28/43 Big Allied Offence On Tunisian Front
04/11/43 Theres More Good News From North Africa
04/18/43 North African Land Front Is Quiet
05/16/43 Swarms Of Allied Planes Cross Channel
05/23/43 Japanese Bombers Make Unsuccessful Attack
05/30/43 Naval Campaign Of Attu Is Coming To A Close
07/04/43 Axis Territory Is Reverberating
07/11/43 Allied Forces Are Smashing Forward On A 100 Mile Front

CBS World News Today Vol. 02

07/25/43 British And American Planes Showered Tons Of Bombs
08/08/43 British 8 th Army Has Pressed Three Quarters Of The Way
08/15/43 Prime Minister Churchill Has Returned To Quebec
08/29/43 Germans Put Denmark Under Martial Law
09/12/43 British And Canadian Troops Widen Bridgehead
09/19/43 German Troops Withdrawing From Sardinia
09/26/43 French Forces On Corsica
10/03/43 The Germans Have Launched A Sea And Air Attack Today
10/1043/ Mighty Allied Bombing Attack
10/17/43 Allied 5 th Army Forcing Germans Back
12/12/43 Large Fleet Of British Based Bombers
12/19/43 American Troops Have Captured San Pietro
12/26/43 Allied 5 th Army Takes Two Hilltops
01/09/44 Allied 5 th Army In Italy Has Thrown Back Counterattacks
01/16/44 General Eisenhower Arrives In England
01/30/44 Allies Expand Bridgehead South Of Rome
02/06/44 German Elite Troops Thrown Into Battle
02/20/44 Greatest Daylight Operations Of The War
02/27/44 Finnish Communique Reports
03/05/44 American Bombers Are Busy Again Today
03/12/44 American Daylight Bombers Back In Action
03/19/44 American Bombers Attack Southern Reich
03/26/44 The Russians Have Reach Romania
04/02/44 Fourth Attack On German Industries

CBS World News Today Vol. 03

05/21/44 Allied Armies Have Occupied Fondi
05/28/44 Allied Armies Have Cut Top Off Cherbourg
06/25/44 Cherbourg Has Possibly Fallen
07/02/44 British Armies In Normandy Maintaining Line
07/23/44 Increasing Signs Of German Officers Revolt
07/30/44 British Armies Have Uncorked New Drive
08/06/44 American Tanks And Men Swarming Over Brittany
08/20/44 Elements Of 14 German Armies Being Blasted
08/27/44 Allies Giving Germans Steady Drumming
09/03/44 American Forces Reach Namour
09/10/44 American Forces Have Driven Into Luxembourg
09/24/44 British General Dempseys Forces Make Limited Contact
10/01/44 American Forces Have Turned Back Sharp Counterattacks
10/08/44 Two American Armies On The Attack
10/15/44 Last 18 Hours Have Brought Greatest Air Attacks
10/22/44 American Troops On Leyte Island In Philippines
10/29/44 Troops Clear Key City Of Breda In Holland
11/05/44 B 29 s Strike Powerful Blow
11/12/44 World Heard Indirectly
11/19/44 No Slowdown In Allied Advance
12/03/44 B 29 s Over Tokyo
12/31/44 Germans Failed In Efforts To Close Corridor
01/07/45 American 1 st Army Gains 3 Miles
01/14/45 American Armies Are Hammering
01/28/45 New Drive On American 1 st Army Front

CBS World News Tonight Vol. 04

02/18/45 General MacArthurs Forces Have Invaded Corrigidor
03/04/45 The German Army Continued Its Retreat Today
03/11/45 American 3 rd Army Troops Reported Inside Germany
03/18/45 Marshal Josef Stalin Has Issued An Order Of The Day
03/25/45 21 st Army Has Linked All Its Bridgeheads
04/08/45 British Forces Are Within 2 Miles Of Important Bridges
04/15/45 The President Was Buried Today
05/13/45 This Is A Day Of Prayer
05/20/45 80 Superfortresses Attack Tokyo
07/08/45 American Forces Drive Into Luxembourg
07/22/45 B 29 s Have Crossed Japans Inland Sea
07/29/45 Russia Will Go To War With Japan
08/05/45 Mustang Fighters Attacks Tokyo Airfields
08/12/45 It Was Exactly 192 Weeks Ago
08/19/45 President Truman Is Leading The Nation
08/26/45 Units Of The 1 st Fleet Are In Tokyo Harbour
09/02/45 Japan Has Surrendered
09/09/45 Occupation Of Japan Goes On
09/16/45 Japanese At Hong Kong Surrendered Today

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