Archie Andrews

This teenage situation comedy was heard over three different networks.  First on the Blue Network from 05/31/43 to 12/24/43, then a short run on Mutual from 01/17/44 to 06/02/44 and finally on NBC from 06/02/45 to 09/05/53.  The following CD's are from the NBC run and stars Bob Hastings as Archie, Harlan Stone as Jughead and Rosemary Rice as Betty Cooper.

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Archie Andrews Vol. 1

Archie Andrews Vol. 2

Archie Andrews Vols. 1-2

Archie Andrews  Vol. 1
  06/23/45 Nazi POW In Riverdale
  05/07/46 Day At Camp With Archie (15:00) (Special YMCA Presentation)
  05/11/46 Poison Candy (VG+)
  05/18/46 Jive Talk
  06/01/46 The Elephant
  06/08/46 A Story In Real Life
  07/06/46 Masked Marvel
  07/13/46 Stranded On An Island
  07/20/46 The Hammock
  07/27/46 Veronicaís Riverdale Society Debut
  08/03/46 No Rest For Fred Andrews
  10/19/46 Double Date
  03/15/47 The Red Cross Party (VG+)
  08/09/47 Taking A Bath (Different than 10/19/46)
  11/15/47 Going To Bed Early
  12/13/47 Christmas Shopping
  05/15/48 The Hiccups
  06/12/48 Archie Fights A Cold
  07/10/48 Dinner At Veronicaís (VG)
  07/17/48 Wallpapering
  08/21/48 The Picnic
  09/04/48 Late For Summer Dance

Archie Andrews  Vol. 2
  09/11/48 The Flat Tire
  09/18/48 In Love With Teacher
  09/25/48 Can I Use The Phone
  10/30/48 Halloween Party
  11/06/48 Locked Out Of The House
  11/20/48 Relatives Unexpectedly Visit
  12/04/48 Drugstore Job
  05/21/49 New TV Set
  05/28/49 Careful! Donít Wake Up Father
  06/04/49 Veronicaís Sub Debís Formal - No Tuxedo
  07/13/49 Fredís Sunburn
  08/24/49 Trying To Go Fishing
  12/17/49 Christmas Shopping
  03/04/50 Archie Is Missing
  11/11/50 Mouse In The House
  11/18/50 Charleston Contest
  00/00/50 Audition Program
  03/10/51 Mailing The Income Tax
  03/17/51 Too Much Noise

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