Big Town

Crime program involving the managing editor of the Illustrated Press newspaper.  The series was originally heard with Edward G. Robinson in the lead role of Steve Wilson, crusading editor.  Claire Trevor played Lorelei Kilbourne, the papers society editor and companion to Steve Wilson.  The series originally was heard on CBS from 10/19/37 to 06/22/48 and then moved to NBC from 09/14/48 to 12/25/51.  The final broadcast run was again from CBS 12/12/51 to 06/5/52.

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Big Town Vol. 1

Big Town Vol. 2

Big Town Vols. 1-2

 Big Town Vol. 1

 12/28/48 Dangerous Resolution10/19/37 Pittsburgh Lil  (First Show)
  10/26/37 The Harding Factory Fire Trap
  10/14/38 The Poultry Racket  (Rehearsal)
  06/30/39 The Reform School  (Rehearsal) (VG-)
  11/00/39 Deep Death (VG-)
  00/00/40-1 Death Rides the Highways (VG-)
  00/00/40-2 The Hit & Run Driver (VG-)
  09/05/42 Occupied Paris
  12/12/44 Death Strikes the Hunter (Mystery Playhouse w/Peter Lorre)
  09/14/48 Blind Justice  (Start if the NBC run)
  09/21/48 Final Payment (Skips)
  09/28/48 The Trap
  10/12/48 Double Murder
  10/19/48 The Angel Of The Street
  11/09/48 The Fatal Chain
  11/16/48 Death By Plan
  11/23/48 The Deadly Doll
  11/30/48 I Remember Murder
  12/07/48 The Lost And The Found
  12/14/48 Deadline At Dawn
  12/21/48 Prelude To Christmas
  12/28/48 Dangerous Resolution

Big Town  Vol. 2
  01/04/49 The Mask Of Evil
  01/11/49 Nightmare House
  01/18/49 A Date With Death
  01/25/49 The Fatal Fix
  02/01/49 Murder In The Snow
  02/08/49 Death At The Wheel
  02/15/49 The Prisoner's Song
  02/22/49 The Charity Killer
  03/01/49 The Fatal Joke
  03/08/49 The Crooked Eye
  03/15/49 The Shiny Gun
  03/22/49 The Deadly Summons
  03/29/49 The Chill Of Death
  04/05/49 The Squeaking Rat
  04/12/49 The Lonely Heart
  04/19/49 The Iron Fist
  04/26/49 The Hunter
  05/03/49 The Fatal Alibi
  05/10/49 The Confession
  00/00/49 The Silent Killer (Slight Distortion) (VG) (AFRS)
  10/16/51 Murder Is Insane (Slight Distortion) (VG)

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