Cinnamon Bear (Complete Series)

The Cinnamon Bear (first heard in 1937) is a children's radio series featuring Paddy O'Cinnamon, the Cinnamon Bear.  It's a delightful 26 chapter story syndicated.  The series was broadcast usually just after Thanksgiving and ending just before Christmas.

The story of The Cinnamon Bear is wonderfully popular with children and parents alike, due to its universal appeal and wholesome entertainment value.  In the tradition of Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, The Cinnamon Bear takes children to a make-believe world of giants, pirates, dragons and other fascinating characters.  It begins in the home of twins Judy and Jimmy Barton as they anxiously await the arrival of Christmas.  When their mother sends them to the attic for the Silver Star, the traditional ornament for the top of their Christmas tree, their adventures begin.  There, they meet Paddy O'Cinnamon, a tiny, stuffed teddy bear that comes to life.  The Cinnamon Bear tells them that the Silver Star has been stolen by the fun-loving, but mischievous, Crazy Quilt Dragon, who's escaped with it to the fascinating world of Maybeland.  If the twins are ever to see their Star again, they must find Crazy Quilt.

The Cinnamon Bear teaches the twins to "de-grow" to only four inches high.  Together, they fly off in The Cinnamon Bear's soda-pop powered airplane, into the world of Maybeland.  Their quest for the Silver Star takes them across Looking Glass Valley and over the Root Beer Ocean where they meet The Inkabbos, Wesley the Wailing Whale, Samuel the Seal, Mr. Presto the Magician, Captain Taffy, Professor Whiz the educated Owl, Fraidy Cat, Fee-Fo the Friendly Giant, Queen Melissa, Snappersnick the Crooning Crocodile, Oliver the Ostrich, Big Chief Cook'n Bottlewasher, Jack Frost and even Santa Claus himself!

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Cinnamon Bear (Complete Series) 

Cinnamon Bear (Complete Series)
 ------------  Program Demo
11/29/37 # 1 Meeting The Twins And The Cinnamon Bear
11/30/37 # 2 Flight To Maybe Land
12/01/37 # 3 Chasing The Quilt Dragon For The Silver Star
12/02/37 # 4 Condemned To Execution In An Inkwell
12/03/37 # 5 Escaping the Inkaboos
12/04/37 # 6 Penelope Penguin Takes The Silver Star
12/05/37 # 7 Presto The Magician Tries To Help
12/06/37 # 8 Among The Candy Pirates
12/07/37 # 9 A Roly Poly Policeman
12/08/37 #10 Entering The Magic Forest From Wintergreen's House
12/09/37 #11 The Gentle Giant
12/10/37 #12 Finding Crazy Quilt Dragon Again
12/11/37 #13 Wintergreen The Witch
12/12/37 #14 Seeing Queen Melissa About The Broken Star
12/13/37 #15 The Magic Lunch Box
12/14/37 #16 The Secret Instructions
12/15/37 #17 Wasting A Wish
12/16/37 #18 Cowboy Rescue
12/17/37 #19 The Indian
12/18/37 #20 The Singing Tree
12/19/37 #21 The Land Of Ice And Snow
12/20/37 #22 Jack Frost Will Fix The Star
12/21/37 #23 The Bad Dolls Have Taken The Star
12/22/37 #24 A Ride On Santa's Train
12/23/37 #25 At Santa's Banquet
12/24/37 #26 Chasing Crazy Quilt (End of the series)

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