KFI 50th Anniversary Show

This is KFI's review at their 50 years on the air.  This recording contains the additional segments
added during for the second 12 hour rebroadcast.

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KFI 50th Anniversary

KFI 50th Anniversary Show

04/16/72, Part 1
Introduction with Ralph Edwards and Amos ‘n’ Andy, Will Rogers, Graham McNamee,
Ed Wynn, Art Baker, Lowell Thomas, Jack Benny and many others.

04/16/72, Part 2
Jack Benny, Frank Nelson, Harold Peary, Fred Allen, and the news.

04/16/72, Part 3
Jim Ameche and soap operas, William Bendix, Frank Morgan, “The Bickersons."

04/16/72, Part 4
Vin Scully and sports, news, Red Skelton, news, Walter O’Keefe, Al Jolson

04/16/72, Part 5
Al Jolson, Judy Canova, One Man’s Family, news, Joan Davis, Don Wilson presents Jack Benny

04/16/72, Part 6
Don Wilson, Ken Carpenter presents Ed Wynn and Milton Berle

04/16/72, Part 7
Introduction with Ralph Edwards w/Roy Rogers, Les Tremayne, Dennis Day, Ken Carpenter,
John J. Anthony, Bing Crosby along with two news breaks

04/16/72, Part 8
Rudy Vallee, Baron Munchhausen, news, Groucho Marx, news, Bill Hay presents Amos ‘n’ Andy

04/16/72, Part 9
Amos ‘n’ Andy continues, Bob Hope, news

04/16/72, Part 10
Jimmy Durante, Jim Jordan and Fibber McGee & Molly

04/16/72, Part 11
Bing Crosby, The Big Show and Ralph Edwards with his conclusion
Next are segments pulled from the second 12 hours that were not included in the
First 12 hours marathon.

04/16/72, Part 12
Edgar Bergen, Bud Abbott, George Burns, Baby Snooks, Dragnet

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