Lux Radio Theater (South African)

“Lux Presents Hollywood,” was the opening line for one of the best radio programs of the golden days of radio.  This series, while sponsored by Lux products, does not use the same U.S. produced scripts.  This series is drama broadcasts developed in and for South Africa listeners.

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Lux Radio Theater (South African)Vol. 1 

Lux Radio Theater (South African)Vol. 2 

Lux Radio Theater (South African)Vol. 1-2

Lux Radio Theater (South African) Vol. 1
A Well Dressed Man
Hallelujah Corner
Home At Seven
Non-Stop To Victoria
The Public Prosecutor
Return Journey (VG+)
Sailor Beware
Take Care On Wednesday
The Desperate Hours
The Late Edwina Black

Lux Radio Theater (South African) Vol. 2
The Man Upstairs
The Meiling Affair
The Night Run
The Night Was Our Friend
The Sacred Flame
The Sound Of Murder
The Story Of Jacqueline
Trap For A Lonely Man
You're Not The Woman I Married

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