Radio Was There Episode #01

As a part of "Sounds Like Yesterday", a weekly series heard on the Yesterday USA radio network, there is a segment from time
called "Radio Was There".  This is the first episode of the series which features recordings of breaking news and events.
We are offering the programs in the clear and as produced on the Sonnds Like Yesterday with full background information.

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Program details:

 WBZ Hurricane Carol 08/31/54
The 680' TV tower crashes down on the radio station while they are on the air!

CBS Tribute to WHAS Flood Coverage  1937

WHAS Flood Documentary
A Look at how WHAS covered the Ohio River Floof of 1937

WFBR/WSM/WHAS Flood Covergae  01/27/37
This the only known coverage of this event.  It is a rare piece of sound!)

WHDH Mine Disaster 11/03/58

WPLO 1962 Plane Crash 06/02/62

Empire State Building B52 Crash 07/28/45
This recording features coverage from Mutual, ABC and NBC radio.

USS Squalus Submarine Disaster NBC Radio 05/23/39

RFK Assassination Coverage CBS Radio 06/05/68

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