Straight Arrow

This is story of a young Commanche raised by a white ranching family to adulthood.  As an adult, Steve Adams would ride for law and order as Straight Arrow in full dress and warpaint.

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Straight Arrow Vol. 1

Straight Arrow Vol. 1

    05/06/48 # 1 Stage From Calvaydos
    02/06/49 Inaugural Pow-Wow.  Special live broadcast. (15 Minutes)
    03/24/49 # 60 Land Of Our Fathers
    07/18/49 #101 Crooked Trail (Never Before Available)
    01/02/50 #156 The Leader
    03/09/50 #180 Scourge
    01/04/51 #244 The Wasteland
    06/21/51 #292 The Long Summer

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