WEAF Broadcast Day  (08/10/45)

WEAF recorded the majority of their broadcast day on August 10, 1945.  This gives us a an audio time capsule of the day.

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WEAF Broadcast Day Vol. 1

WEAF Broadcast Day  Vol. 1

10:30-10:45  (News) H.V. Kaltenborn
10:45-11:00  (News) Don Goddard
11:30-11:45  (News) Barry Cameron
11:45-12:00  David Harum
12:00-12:15  News At Noon
12:15-12:30  Maggie's Private Wire w/guest Enrico Caruso Jr.
12:30-12:45  News From The Pacific
12:45-13:00  The Music Room
13:00-13:34  Mary Margaret McBride w/guest Eddie Rickennacker
13:45-14:00  News Of The World
14:00-14:15  The Guiding Light
14:15-14:30  Today's Children
14:30-14:45  Woman In White
14:45-15:00  Betty Crocker Service Program
15:00-15:15  A Woman In America
15:15-15:30  Ma Perkins
15:30-15:45  Pepper Young's Family
15:45-16:00  The Right To Happiness
16:00-16:15  Mary Noble Backstage Wife
16:15-16:30  Stella Dallas
16:30-16:56  Lorenzo Jones
16:45-17:00  Young Widder Brown
17:00-17:15  When A Girl Marries
17:15-17:30  Portia Faces Life
17:30-17:45  Just Plain Bill
17:45-18:00  Front Page Farrell
18:00-18:15  (News) Lyle Van
18:15-18:40  Serenade To America
18:40-18:45  MGM Sports with Bill Stern
18:45-19:00  Lowell Thomas And The News
20:00-20:30  Highways Of Melody
21:30-22:00  Correction Please

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